Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Factional Fracas Fouls Future

The slease ball has begun, and the newly dominant Victorian ALP Right faction, like Alex and his quartet of droogs from A Clockwork Orange are going off to do a bit of Singing in the Rain.

Crikey's anonymous tipster gives us another insight into the methods of these feckess finanglers of factional foulness.

The Droogs are named:

Despite their predeliction for ultra-violence, (read dirty little games) though, this little gang are hampered by an uncommon incompetence.

It seems that they appoint flunkeys to front the media but fail to tell the flunkey that he shouldn't admit to branch stacking on their behalf.

They also target high profile Minister Mary Delahunty, which is an obvious insult to Premier Bracks, and he rightly slaps them down.

This little seedy bunch of droogs is determined to have their little clique in power at all costs and be holidaying together in their dashas on the coast of the Baltic in a few years.

But don't for a moment think any of the weaker ALP factions are any better, they play just as dirty.

Lets hope the party elders, Button, Mathews, Cain and young gun Thornley can head them off at the pass with their quickly forming posse of grass roots members.

Update: Guido alerts us to another initiative by the grass-roots gripesters., to be held in the leafy suburbs on the Kooyong electrorate. Lets hope it works. We will only know this when a similar one is held in the shadow of the oil refineries in the West.

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