Monday, March 07, 2005


Channel Nine Crashes Hooray!

Laugh? We cacked ourselves today on reading the welcome news that Australia's most up-themselves network, Channel Nine, can't hold their audience any longer.

The network who bought us such greasy self-important tossers as Geoff McMullan, Ray Martin, Eddie Maguire, Steve Leibemann, Richard Wilkins, Richard Carleton, Laurie Oakes;

The network who bought us such pathetic Jana Went clones as Liz Hayes and legions of other husky voiced hacks;

The network who bought us stupid blokey self serving footy shows;

The network who introduced slick sets, high production values and a stable of stars and in the process took Australian TV and Australian values down market;

The network who had the audacity to claim that they are Australia's Premier Network, Australian most trusted network, and Still the One.

Well good news folks. They ain't number one anymore!.

Sad part is, its not that the public has changed their tastes, its just that the other commercials have figured out how to play them at their own game.

Still- better than nothing I guess.

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