Thursday, March 03, 2005


Costello a wowser: Beasley

Opposition Leader Kim Beazy, in an attempt to talk up more leadership tension in the Liberal Party, said today that Treasurer Costello "didn't hit the bottle enough" to be PM.

"All the best PMs in history were soaks", said Beasley. " Look at Curtin, Hawke even Winston Churchill all utter pissheads, but the Treasurer? Too prim, too proper, too ready to look down his nose at the everyday Australian who just wants to get stonkered on a Saturday night"

"Even the Prime Minister, with his preference for dry sherry and elevenses, has more in common with the Australian people, well at least older Australian women, than the Treasurer", opined the Opposition leader, "and look at him now, he's just delivered the worst trade performance on record, and he's had to stand up there and pretend its all fine. I reckon the poor bugger could use a drink!"

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