Friday, March 11, 2005


Corruption City

Like the Mafia code of Omerta the 'made-men' who control the upper echelons of the Victorian ALP, who manipulate the membership base and who look after their cronies, are very careful to keep up appearances. No one speaks out against their behavior lest they be accused of 'ratting' on the ALP, of being traitors to the cause. But what cause are members expected to follow? The cause of corruption and cronyism it seems!

Well no longer. People are speaking out. Today on your ABC, 774's Jon Faine interviewed someone brave enough to break the code of Omerta.

Heather Wellington is both a doctor and a lawyer. Today she named names. She has told us the full sordid seamy details of stinking corruption of stacking and manipulation that's infiltrating all corners of an institution that holds government in the State of Victoria, and has aspirations to hold government in Australia.

Ms Wellington you see, ran for pre-selection for the Seat in Bellarine, and was told none too subtly by a certain Richard Marles , Assistant secratary of the ACTU to butt out, 'cause he'd already decided that his ex-wife Lisa Neville was getting the gig.

Ms Wellington didn't back down in the face of this pressure, but proceeded in her campaign. She faced more pressure from the likes of Martin Pakula NUW Branch Secretary, John Eren, David Saunderson and others who's names we didn't catch.

On the day of the ballot for this safe seat, Ms Wellington, who expected a fix, was staggered to see a procession of Tarrago vans arrive, loaded to the gills with people who'd she didn't know including no doubt great grandma of soccer club fame.The result was of course that the aforementioned Lisa Neville got to stick her shiny backside on the plush seats of the Victorian Parliament House.

Ms Wellington then wrote a letter to all the members of the electorate of Bellarine, complaining about the corruption and she was pounced on by Senator Stephen Conroy you remember, the one that Mark Latham tried to expose in Parliament.

There a pattern forming here, and the picture being painted is not good.

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