Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Big Government Persecution

Just when you thought that Government couldn’t get any more irresponsible in spending your hard-earned moolah, comes the Nightmare scenario that wakes us all up at 2.30 in the morning with cold sweats.

The council ordering the demolition of your new home!

Consider the plight of Melbourne based Croat family the Jurkics , now facing persecution from the chardonnay swilling overlords in the Manningham City Council.

James Jurkic son of Croat parents Victor and Manda, (Croatia is a country in Europe. Formally part of Yugoslavia: Not the Muslim part!) is being ordered by the council to demolish the new house that he has almost completed, and has not moved into yet.

In his natural desire to accommodate his ageing and virtually incapacitated parents he has cleverly turned his single home from one house into two houses.

Mr Jurkic's Invention Posted by Hello

This is the sort of innovation and entrepreneurship that Australia needs my friends. Smart people with ingenious ideas, taking good old Aussie know-how to the world.

But what we have instead is BIG GOVERNMENT, spending your taxes to punish the little guy. Punish the battler. To build his home Mr Jurkic has had impossible obstacles placed in his way by Government. He’s had to employ surveyors, architects, and negotiate the Byzantine legal maze that is planning approval and building approval, insurance etc.

And now after just a few minor changes to the structure on the way (and what inventor ever gets it right first time?), BIG GOVERNMENT is ordering him to take it all down because it doesn’t look like they imagined it would!

By allowing these latte lapping louches to loll around in local government looking for things to engage their endless spare time, we have killed off yet another fabulous private enterprise initiative, and sacrificed another little piece of the Great Australian Dream.

I think I’m going to cry.

Courtesy of the Herald Sun. Australia’s most popular Newspaper

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> Not the Muslim part!

whats wrong with the muslim part?
It's sort of a joke - there's a context that's difficult to explain.
Now, if only he'd built it to look like a mosque . . .
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