Thursday, March 17, 2005


Australia not number one :OECD

What is it with these Europeans hey? What have they got against freedom and democracy?

Today we learn that the OECD, an organisation my friends, located in Paris, France, has not given us any coloured stars on our homework. Like the nitpicking, funspoiling, freedom hating, black helicopter pilots that they are, they've sent a note to our parents saying we're not concentrating in class and can do better.

Here's the list of lefty propaganda that they're trying to peddle:

Now read this list again people. Do they once mention Thorpey or Hackett? Do they mention The Shark? Do they mention Warney? Do they mention the hottest chicks on the block? Elle? Megan? Kristy?. Do they mention Channel Nine, who by the way are still the one? Do they mention that President Bush mention's our John's name quite often on the news, and that they're pardners?, Do they mention the new Monaro? or Fosters? or the fact that our lads are in Iraq? Do they say how cute our accent is, and talk about the wonderful wine we make? Do they mention at all the Big Pinapple, The Big Lobster, The Big Merino, or RM Williams boots?

No they don't. They ignore all the evidence that doesn't suit their argument.

What is it with these people? Any normal person would be jealous!

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