Thursday, March 31, 2005


ALP HQ Picket tonight

In a strange and bizarre turnaround that emphasises how much Australian Society has changed, the Victorian ALP Head office in King St. will be picketed tonight by up to 100 ALP members protesting against the Administrative comittee's unsatisfactory response to accusations of branch stacking.

It is ironic indeed that the picket line will be set up to protest against the committee, which is controlled by the right wing faction, and who derive their power from right wing unions such as the AWU. The picket is, in effect, picketing Unions.

Those in power are naturally enough labelling all this a factional stunt perpetrate by the left, but our information is that this is not so. It is, in effect regular rank and file ALP members with no union affiliation who are protesting tonight, and it underlines how dysfunctional the ALP has become.

It was the Unions who began the ALP more than 100 years ago, and it looks like it'll be the Unions who'll be the ones to finish it as well.

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