Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Tofu eating surrender Monkeys!

What's the real reason behind PM Johnny Howard's decision to send more of the lads off to Iraq and in the process break a promise to the Australian people? It's not as you might expect a ploy designed to piss-off the latte left, and thumb his nose at propriety because he can. No, its because of a grovelling plea from Jap PM PM Junichiro Koizumi .

The Jap army it turns out, can't cut the mustard in Iraq, and are, to put it bluntly, shit scared. Mr Howard is sending our strapping lads over there to help out the shivering samurai, and in return will be demanding a much better deal on Toyota Landcruisers for the Australian people.

This cheap profiteering Prime Minster, and exploitation of the rilly-rivered rand of the lising sun, is against everything that this publication represents. No Prime Minster, you've failed to step over the mark this time! You bloody well should have screwed them for more you dumb twit. You should have doubled the price of coal, you should have, got them to bail out the patriots over at WMC trying to fend of the evil Swiss from taking our Uranium, and you should have got then to tip in a couple of Billion to fix up our Health System.

Jeez, what sort of useless Prime Minster are you?

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