Thursday, February 24, 2005


Show some compassion Senator Vanstone

We are big on compassion here at the City. And so too should be Senator Amanda Vanstone.
The startling case of alleged 104 year old Chinese woman, Cui Yu Hu (pronouced Choo Yoo Hoo) who as lived in Melbourne for 10 years, has put the Immigation Department and Senator Vanstone in a pickle.

By rights you see, Mrs Hu (or Cui, Cui Yu or Yu Hu, it's often hard to tell) should already be on a slow boat back to the mainland, and if not that, then enjoying some well deserved rest at Baxter, which itself has got excess capacity and thus not operating at optimum efficiency.

We all appreciate that the Government must keep economic efficiency at the forefront of their thinking, and such wastage is quite unsettling, but there is also a case for compassion.

We refer of course to the many meat-processing facilities located throughout regional Australia who are crying out for slaughterpersons, to top up their dwindling labour force since the supply of Muslims dried up. An unforeseen side effect of the goverment's Pacific Solution.

Show some compassion Senator Vanstone, give the poor old girl a Regonal Employment Visa, and let her get a job packing meat. It'll be good for her self-respect and will avert any accusations of bludging on the government coin.

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Superceded Blogger based Comments below:
Cui is not pronounced "choo" by any stretch of imagination. The "c" sound in Chinese has no equivalent in English - it's more of a ts sound, as in "its". The "ui" sound soungs like the "ay" in hay.
A simple fact malfunction Sir. Its OK. I've already forgiven myself.
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