Saturday, February 19, 2005


On ya Rusty

Hollywood megastar Russell "Rusty" Crowe, has pulled the plug on filming of Eucalyptus because he couldn't stand the pansy-arsed approach of director (and latte lefty) Jocylyn Moorhouse. Moorehouse who wanted a "small, gentle 'director's film'", (code for soft mushy box-office failure), just couldn't comprehend that big Russ wanted to bring some ballsy, testosterone fuelled action to the quiet understated period piece set in the Australian bush.

The story, of an over protective father, who'll only allow his daughter to marry the man who can name every type of Eucalyptus tree on his property, could certainly do with Rusty style fireworks. A reprise of Rusty's skinhead character Hando as the violent and aggressive arborist, with a visceral hatred of introduced plant species is just what the doctor, and a big budget Hollyood production ordered.

Let's not be kidding ourselves here, we're playing with the big boys now here in Oz, its time to ditch those cheese eating surrender monkey style of movie, and get with the big dollar, Hummer style strength that is Hollywood, and most certainly is big Russ.

And what of Nicole Kidman you may ask? Well very good question indeed, after her recent churlish attempts to restrict humble papparazzi from earning a decent living, we're starting to ask the question: Is 'our Nic' ours any longer, or has she gone over to the dark side?

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