Sunday, February 20, 2005


Jewish Conspiracy?

The right is always talking about the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy, a theory that Jewish people are running the world. They claim that this absurd notion is one truly believed by the left, and bang on about it whenever there's some documentary on the ABC about Isreal.

But this is a ruse. It is a smokescreen. It is an aspersion cast upon the left, that is typical of the cynical manipulation and the appalling heartlessness of the Australian power elite.

Well finally we've been able to piece together the intelligence, and we've come up with the answer. There is a conspiracy, and its promoted by high-society against the Jews.

Take the most recent example. High profile Sydney businessman, Rodney Adler (Jewish) is forced to plead guilty to alleged crimes regarding his former business HIH. Using techniques perfected in the War on Terror, the Adlers have been tortued into their confession by the means of a painful and humiliating exclusion from Sydney hi-soc. Adler's wife has not been able to attend a charity function in years, and has has to turn to the Kabbala, a mystical Jewish practice akin to Scrabble, to keep from going mad.

There's also the case of One Tel founder Jodee Rich (Jewish), who was threatened with castration by Sydney Hi-Soc big man Kerry Packer in 2002 and he's been in the hi-soc doghouse ever since.

In the sourthern capital, colourful Multi-Millionaire Miner, and Orthodox Red Sea Pedestrian "Diamond Joe Gutnick" Was forced out of the presidency of the Melbourne Football Club. The bastion of Melbourne Hi-Soc, because the well-groomed prower brokers, couldn't accept the man in the blue and red yarmulka and scruffy beard.

This sort of persecution in not new. Back in the '80s Rodey's Adler's old man Larry (also Jewish), was being given a hard time by the savage Hi-Soc power structures, who only let their victim go after he carked it from a heart attack. Then there's George Herscu (Jewish) who fled to Poland to live in hiding to escape arbitrary detention, and the tragic case of developer Floyd Podgornik who despite trying to ingratiate himself with Melbourne Hi-Soc by creating one of the city's best resturants was persecuted in the downturn to the extent that he was forced to top himself to keep his name clean.

It's a horrible tale of cynical exclusion , by the right wing supporting power elite, who control this country's wealth and power, and it is made all the more obscene by trying to suggest that this conspiracy actually resides in the left of politics, that's right, the group that is out of power.

Neither we, nor, as realisation hits, the public at large, are blinded any longer to what is really going on. Who after all has the power to bring down and humiliate such wealthy, high-profile, Jewish people? The answer is obvious, only the richer, wealthier, right wing power elite that control our business and media.

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This was proven to be BULLSHIT in 1921, but certain groups in modern society keep rehashing it for some reason. Yes, Rex has hit the nail on the head. Again.
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