Friday, February 18, 2005


Its official: We don't give a stuff!

Prime Minister John Howard it seems has cottoned onto something that those of us with our ear to the ground have known for some time. Australians don't give a toss!

The PM has been able to use this open secret to his political advantage for some time. Relying on the disengagement of the voter, to get him out of scrapes that years ago would have left any politician red-faced and embarrassed.

The opposition, slow to pick up on this trend, has made a poor showing, with only ex leader Mark Latham being able to convincingly demonstrate that he couldn't care less.

The Liberal Party on the other hand has taken the bit between the teeth and has commissioned a poll to actively uncover what Australians couldn't care less about, so that they can focus their energy in those areas. The Survey, leaked to this publication, asks:

"Which of these things couldn't you give a fig about?"

- Abos?
- The ABC?
- Coral Bleaching?
- A few hundred million here or there?
- The dissapearence of swarthy types?
- A few dodgy telephone connections in the Bush?
- Alexander Downers's Fishnet Fetish?
- Leaky Boats?
- The weather in 20 years, provided it OK for the barbie this weekend?

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