Monday, February 21, 2005


Is Cardinal Pell a terrorist sympathiser?

He may look innocent enough in his purple cassock and benevolent smile, but underneath those flowing robes beats the cold dead heart of a terrorist sympathiser (perhaps).

Andrew "Lynch-mob" Bolt, has set the scene with his razor sharp observation on the ABC's Insiders.

Here's "Lynch-mob" talking to the Lawyer of recently released Gitmo-git, Mamdouh Habib.

ANDREW BOLT: Mr Hopper, Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun. Before I get to my question can I just ask you, just in passing, I saw a newspaper reference that you'd been - you're a convert to Islam, is that true?

STEPHEN HOPPER: Oh look people are trying to turn a lot of things around on to me privately. My private life is really no-one's business.

ANDREW BOLT: I ask only because you seem to be, you represent quite a number of Islamist extremists, it seems to me. And it also seems to me that you take, you seem to take their case very personally and make quite wild accusations against the government. I’m just wondering what the personal agenda behind this is, are you a convert to Islam or not?
Suddenly in just a few words Bolt has opened up the possibility, denied to us until now, of cleaning out all the terrorist sympathisers in our midst.

That brings us to Archbishop Pell. This man, this Papist, has had over the years literally thousands upon thousands of clandestine meetings, in secluded alcoves, with other Catholics and even more telling, Irish Catholics. Never before have we been able to raise the Archbishop's links with the terrorist masterminds of the very Irish, and very Catholic, IRA, but now in this new openness that is the modern media, we can begin to speculate on these matters, and know that the trail is being blazed by Mr Bolt.

The questions we have for archbishop Pell.
We need to hear the truth Archbishop. The truth. And we're not above a bit of torture to get it.

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You left out the best bit, where Hopper tells Bolty to mind his own business and later that he masquerades as a journalist.
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