Friday, February 18, 2005


God cares for planet!

Breaking News
In news just out today God has been in touch with the President and advised him that global warming is of some concern.

God is yet to clarify his position on this, and will do so in a few months, but the news for treehuggers is good. God is on your side.

Evil members of the unreality based community point to recent studies to justify their preference to be "in-denial".

Celebrity war blogger and The Bulletin magazine , circulation squib, Tim Blair claims this is evidence of Global Cooling. "Read it, read it all", says Blair " it says that the Ocean is getting cooler 0.5 to 0.6 degrees. Cooler I say Cooler. Now you tell me how cooler equals warmer".

Climatologists when questioned about Blair's seemingly logical conclusion were dismissive, and were heard to mumble "...first against the wall when the revolution comes"

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Nooo! - Christian treehuggers use real nails . . .
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