Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Cheer up Charlie!

Chinless Charlie Windsor, heir to the throne of Australia, is being stood up by cranky old mum Queen Liz, who won't attend his forthcoming nuptuals 'cause she's apparently busy that day.

Dissapointed and and down in the dumps, he is, according to royal watchers, and we here at the City think as future subjects, we should chip in to help the old duffer, by sending along our own Queen to give him bit of a talking to. Chin up Charlie, the Aussies are here to help!

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Superceded Blogger based Comments below:
Leave Al alone! He's OUR frustrated, insecure, closet-case shrieker. And after all these years, he's just how we like him.

Now, gotta go. He'll be here soon and he insists I put on my old, school rugby guernsey.
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