Monday, February 14, 2005


Bunyip dung

Now what sort of dilapidated , rusty, sagging , misaligned, rotting, leaking, old barrow is that cantankerous harpy Prof Bunyip pushing now?

It seems that The Age has offended the old git, by publishing a series of articles about global warming which suggest that that problem is somewhat serious.

The Professor, like the silly old woman that he is, sneers at the legitimate attempt to discuss an important matter. Instead of backing up his argument with facts, he launches a personal attack (the fithy rotter) on Melissa Fyfe, drawing some surrealist interpretation of her motives from her biography.

No it seems that journalists are not allowed to have an opinion , not allowed to have an emotional response to matters that might affect the future of the human race, not allowed to be human, not allowed to put together a well researched series of articles that they have a committment to and believe in, not allowed to draw conclusions (that differ from the Profs).

No it seems that journalists are only allowed to be Fair and BalancedTM

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