Sunday, February 20, 2005


ALP: Keystone Cops and Pol Pot

Its the Latte Left v's Poll Pot and the Keystone Cops, in the battle for the soul of the ALP, according to the Age.

The ALP members want, it seems, to have control of their party again, and they are supported in their aim by super rich wiz-kid Evan Thornley, and superannuated tag-team former Premier John Cain and former Senator John Button.

But the factional bully boys, led by Bill "Shortly to be Prime Minster" Shorten, are not having a bar of it. "Shortly's" Labor Unity faction has promised to file the 2004 report prepared by the former premier, where the sun don't shine.

The Reason? The Shorten Faction has got control of the ALP machinery, and they're gonna bloody well use it. The latte left can take a running jump according to big man Bill. Biffa Bill you see is close very close to all sorts of big knobs on the right side of politics including his father-in-law Liberal Julian Beal, and word has it, right-wing toxic shocker Andrew Bolt, and he's milking their line that the latte-left, the trendy inner city types, are the reason for the demise of the ALP for all its worth. That's just a rearguard action though 'cause the main game is to consolidate control of the party and install supplicants in every seat.

That's right. It's shitfight time folks with a battle for the seat of Corio just the first in an extended power struggle between incumbents in stacked seats, and the newly empowered Labour Unity who are busily trying to outstack them.

It's like a battle between the Brown Shirts and the Gestapo, while the enlightened Weimar republicans sit on the sidelines and complain bitterly about wasted opportunity, but have no power to control events.

Let's hope Thornley can pull some cat out of the bag, and lob a few grenades in to unseat these suckers before the ALP turns into the Eddie Maguire for President party.

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